Olivia Rodrigo Sunglasses

The Unique Eyewear of Actress & Singer Olivia Rodrigo

Often seen wearing these glasses on the likes of Instagram Oliver Rodrigo has been seen wearing a wide variety of different styled frames. In one post in 2021, she can be seen outside Buckingham Palace wearing a pair of thick acetate frames in black and orange lenses. These glasses have been identified to be a pair of Jordy Sunglasses from the brand Lexxola. Lexxola is quite a unique brand first founded in 2019 and specializes in a community-driven approach to eyewear. The Jordy glasses themselves were designed to, I quote ‘capture the spirit of the city’. They are available at a price tag of £200 and come in either orange or blue lenses. 

Another pair of sunglasses worn by Rodrigo was first seen in her music video for the song Deja Vu. In 2022 Rodrigo set up her very open Depop page looking to sell a few of her personal items in hopes of raising money from charity. Among the items she sold was the exact pair of sunglasses worn in the music video – a pair of black acetate sunglasses with rectangular lenses (you can see the Depop listing here). 

Oliver Rodrigo – Deja Vu (2021)

Unfortunately, Rodrigo didn’t put the exact brand of sunglasses in the description simply stating ‘Oval Shaped Sunglasses’. A closer look at the photos doesn’t provide any more information and the generic nature and design of the glasses leads me to believe they’re probably a pair of unbranded mass-produced specs. The writing ‘made in China’ can be seen on the inside side of the glasses arm which further helps confirm this. What I can say is through is, regardless of what brand the sunglasses are, whoever purchased these glasses for just $18.00 really did get themselves a bargain.

One of the most unusual sunglasses worn by Rodrigo was seen in a brief Twitter post (or perhaps it was an Instagram Story). In it, she is seen wearing a pair of blue visor sunglasses with a rimless frame. The most unique aspect of the glasses is the protruding plastic shield that extends from the top of the glasses all the way around the glasses. This unique feature acts like a classic baseball cap to further help shield your eyes from the sun. 

Dior Golf Visor Sunglasses as seen on Rodrigo’s Instagram Story

These have been identified to be a pair of Christian Dior Golf Visor Sunglasses released in 2004 as part of the Golf Collection and designed by John Galliano. It’s unclear as to why Rodrigo took a liking to these sunglasses (as I assume she’s not a golf player) but they definitely have a unique look to them. These sunglasses are only available through second-hand websites and are quite rare today with many pairs selling for upwards of $700.

Finally, we have a pair of sunglasses that was a collaboration between Oliver Rodrigo and the affordable brand Crap Eyewear. In 2021 Crap Eyewear posted an Instagram photo of Rodrigo wearing a black pair of the ‘Super Phreek’ Sunglasses from the brand. Probably the most affordable sunglasses worn by Rodrigo these specs come in at the affordable price of just $89.00 and can be found in a huge variety of different colors including green, black, and a leopard print design. 

The Supa Phreek Sunglasses by Crap Eyewear ($89.00)