Paul Newman Sunglasses

Discover the Iconic sunglasses style of Actor and Legend Paul Newman

Paul Newman was an American actor, director, producer, and philanthropist known for his work in Hollywood. He starred in many iconic films and was a successful director and producer. He founded Newman’s brand, which donates all profits to charity, and was involved in many charitable organizations throughout his life. He died in 2008 at 83, leaving behind a legacy as one of Hollywood’s greatest actors and a generous philanthropist.

Along with his impressive career in film, Paul Newman was also known for his cool demeanor and classic fashion style. One particular aspect of his look was his unique style of sunglasses. Newman was a fan of the aviator style of sunglasses and along with other celebrities from this period are responsible for making the style more mainstream propelling it into the spotlight. In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into the exact brand of sunglasses Newman liked to wear and attempt to identify their brands and models allowing you to perfectly replicate his unique style and look. 

Paul Newman: Fashion & Style

Paul Newman’s Style and fashion choices were one of has influenced men’s fashion even to this day. With what’s now defined as a classic and timeless look Newman often wore a combination of classic clothing with a more casual look opting for tailored suits, crisp white shirts, and understated ties. This combined with a natural color palette including whites and greys his casual look gave a simple yet elegant aura that could be worn religiously anytime any place.

Off-screen, Newman was known for his casual, relaxed style. He often wore jeans and simple t-shirts and was often seen in a leather jacket or denim shirt. He also had a love for racing and was frequently seen in racing suits and driving gloves.

Paul Newman’s most famous sunglasses: Unidentifed Revue Sunglasses

Paul Newman Sunglasses: Identifying His Brands of Choice

Paul Newman is most famed for this large pair of oversized aviator glasses. These glasses were most popular in the 1960s/1970s and often used in gangsta films such as Scarface (1984). It’s hard not to think that Newman’s unique style was an influence on the eventual rise in aviators’ dominant success among celebrities and the general populous alike. Trying to identify a pair of sunglasses from the 1950s has always been difficult, but luckily, we have the help of the entire internet in helping us. 

It’s been identified that the most famed pair of aviator glasses worn by Newman is from a relatively unknown brand called Revue Optics. Revue was an Italian brand that was popular around the 1950s and was worn by many celebrities at the time including the likes of Linoel Richie and of course Paul Newman himself. Due to the popularity of these frames and their age, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find an original pair of Revue Sunglasses similar to the model worn by Newman.

Vintage Revue Sunglasses: Image Courtesy of The House of Vintage Frames
Revue Eyewear: History of the Brand

After a quick search on the internet, I really couldn’t find my information regarding the brand Revue. What I do know is the brand was popular around the time Newman was at the height of his fame. That being said, it’s very clear the brand has since gone defunct and finding exact information on its founding, history and the reasons that led to its eventual demise are unknown. In this section, I’m going to try my best to piece together the history of Revue and provide an overview of the esteemed brand Revue. 

It first stumbled across what seemed to be the founder of Revue – a man named George Adin. An article from 2009 by ‘Vison Monday’ was published announcing the death of Adin and shined some light on the career of the founder over the years. Adin started his career as a salesman in the industry where he met his eventual business partner, Jack BeDusa. BeDusa had this to say about Adin and the Revue company:

“George spoke six or seven languages and I spoke Italian, which he eventually learned, too. He was very creative and meticulous about the products we chose to sell. One of the first collections was an aluminum line, worn by major celebrities, which was a huge hit and it’s evolved and continues today. We also brought in some of the first light plastics the industry saw here and over the years, we always had something new’’.

Overall, there’s very little information to be found about this unusual brand. It’s clear that during its heyday Revue Optics was a big player in eyewear and was the choice for many celebrities in the glory years of film and television. Revue might be long gone but has left a legacy in eyewear due to its distinctive style and those who proudly wore their frames.

Carrera Aviator Sunglasses
Paul Newman: Other Sunglasses

Another pair of sunglasses commonly worn by Newman was from the brand Carrera. Carrera is another one of those brands popular at this period and is famed for their motorsports-inspired aviators. This was probably why Newman was a fan of the brand as he also was an avid racecar driver and frequently took part in during the 1970s. The exact model he wore was the Career Campion Model which was first designed in the 1960s. This is one of the most popular models of Carrera Sunglasses to ever be produced and has not only been worn by Newman but a range of celebrities. At present, the Carrera Champion sunglasses are no longer sold by the brand. That being said, they are widely available on second-hand websites through a variety of resellers from prices as cheap as $80.00+.