Pop Smoke Sunglasses

Explore the Brands and Designs that Shaped Pop Smoke’s Unique Sunglasses Style

Before his tragic passing in February 2020, Pop Smoke was a rising star in the hip-hop industry. Pop Smoke, who was born Bashar Barakah Jackson in Brooklyn, New York, started his music career in 2018, and thanks to his gritty, deep voice and heavy beats, he immediately earned a following. Throughout the course of his brief career, he put out a number of mixtapes and singles, including the popular tracks “Welcome to the Party” and “Dior,” which helped him become known as one of the genre’s most promising up-and-coming performers. Pop Smoke was well-known for his distinctive sound and affable stage demeanor, and his approach incorporated elements of drill music, trap, and grime.

His tragic death at the age of 20 was a shock to the hip-hop community, and it cut short what many believed was the beginning of a long and successful career. Despite his brief time in the spotlight, Pop Smoke’s impact on the world of hip-hop was significant, and he is remembered as a talented artist whose music will continue to inspire and entertain fans for years to come.

Pop Smoke’s single ‘Dior’ – Here he wears a pair of Cartier Picadillies

Pop Smoke: Style & Influence 

There’s no doubt Pop Smoke was a stylish dude and had a unique fashion style that helped him stand out from the crowd. He didn’t shy away from designer clothing and was often photographed wearing a wide range of designer brands from Louis Vuitton and Dior (which he has a song named after) along with favoring clothing oversized coats, baggy pants, and bold accessories including sunglasses. Pop Smoke’s style was heavily influenced by the Brooklyn drill scene, and he often incorporated elements of streetwear and athletic clothing into his outfits.

Wearing a pair of Cartier Picadilly Sunglasses (CT0092O)

Pop Smoke Sunglasses: His Brands of Choice 

Pop Smoke had a certain style of eyewear usually opting for rimless frames and favoriting such stand-out colors of gold and pink. There’s one brand that he prized above the rest which was Cartier. Cartier has a huge influence on the rapping scheme, especially within Detroit, where so-called ‘Buff Sunglasses‘ are seen as a status symbol and is worn by many of the rappers from that area.

The first and most favorite pair of sunglasses that Pop Smoke wore was a pair of Cartier Piccadilly Sunglasses. Pop Smoke preferred rimless frames, on the main, and for this everyday carry and casual pair of glasses chooses to wear these nearly daily (or at least in all his casual photographs). These glasses are not currently sold by Cartier and can only be purchased second-hand.

Cartier CT009RS Sunglasses – Gold & Red

The next pair of sunglasses that Pop Smoke wore was a pair of Cartier CT009RS Sunglasses (image above). These large-lense, rimless glasses have distinctive features including their stark red lenses and gold accent frames beautifully crafted and encrusted with jewels. These sunglasses are not currently available to purchase anymore through the Cartier website but can be found on secondhand sites (such as ebay & Etsy) going for around $1000.00+.

Finally, the most distinctive pair of glasses, and the ones that deviate from this typical choice of Cariter, are a pair of Louis Vuitton 1.1 Millionaires (in Grey). These large acetate-framed glasses are an evolved version of the classic Wayfarer frames popularised by Ray-Bans. They include an Engraved Monogram line on the top bar and metal accents to compliment the glasses’ grey marble color. These sunglasses are still available to purchase from LV and come in at an eye-watering $750.00.

LV 1.1 Millionaires Sunglasses
Pop Smoke’s Shades: Alternatives & Recommendations

It’s no surprise that Pop Smoke had an expensive taste with the Just LV Millionaires costing more than a small second-hand car. Because of this, we wanted to provide some alternative options and recommendations that take an inspired look from some of these designer brands. Below are just a few different options you can consider if you don’t want to break the bank.

SHEEN KELLY Sunglasses: It’s clear to me that these sunglasses from Sheen Kelly were made to exactly replicate the Millionaire Sunglasses by Louis Vuitton. Aside from the color, they have the exact same shape and dimensions and are a great cheap option to get a similar style, fit, and look. These sunglasses are highly affordable coming in at just $14.99

Cartier Sunglasses alternatives: Sometimes it surprises me how cheap sunglasses can be made. These sunglasses are in the same style as the previously mentioned Cartier Picadilly Sunglasses. It wasn’t difficult to find a range of different Cartier-inspired sunglasses in a range of different styles.  These sunglasses here are a 3-1 can and are basically the exact same as the Picadilly Sunglasses and come in a just $12.99.

Sheen Kelly Sunglasses: Inspired on the LV Millionaires