Rami Malek Glasses

The Glasses Worn by Celebrity & Actor Rami Malek

Rami Malek has quite a unique style when it comes to eyewear. He seems to prefer smaller oval frames with wireframes. The reason for this is these styles complement his face shape. Malek’s prominent jawline means any bold acetate frames that dominate his face and distract from his most defining facial feature. Below are just a few of Malek’s favorite frames and his brands of choice. On set, and within film, his shades are more versatile as he’s forced to wear glasses that fit the character he’s portraying.

Panto Glasses by Savile Row

1. Savile Row

Panto (Black)

Rami Malek can be seen wearing a pair of Savile Row Panto (T45) throughout the film of the same name. These eyeglasses are a razor-thin wire-framed look with small yet distinctive oval lenses. If you look closely they also feature a unique tortoiseshell pattern with speckles of browns and blacks. These glasses can be bought for the price tag of €700.00. 

Featured when Malek was on SNL

2. Eyevan 7285

Model 163

Again sticking to his wireframes Malek can be seen below wearing a pair of Eyevan 7285 Model 16345s. These eyeglasses are unique in the fact they’re not completely oval with a flat tapered bottom. He wore her glasses when appearing on SNL back in 2022. I am unsure as to the price of these glasses as Eyevan 7285 doesn’t sell their glasses online and can only be bought through authorized retailers.

Photographed as part of an interview with Noel de Souza

3. Dior


I must admit that these glasses were a little hard to track down. These styles are surprisingly popular and brands such as Gucci (GG0559S) and Retro Super Future were thrown around as suggestions for what they might be. It was the sunglass’s unique double metal bridge that eventually led me to the Dior Homme Blacktie (231S Model) which seem to be a perfect match. These sunglasses are only available on the aftermarket for around $200 – 250.

Worn by Malek in the film ‘The Little Things’

4. Randolph Engineering

Classic Aviators

Randolph Engineering is all about their Aviator Sunglasses which can be seen here being worn by Melek during the shooting of the film ‘The Little Things’. Considering his role as the suited-up LASD Officer these are a great fit with his character and further emphasize his cool demeanor. Randolph produces some of the highest quality Aviators in the world and is always a top recommendation for me when it comes to a US-made sunglasses brand. These sunglasses can be bought online for around $300+.