Ric Flair Sunglasses

We Look Back at the Eccentric Range of Sunglasses worn by Wrestler Ric Flair

With a career spanning over 50 years, Ric Flair, also known as ‘The Nature Boy’ is an American Professional Wrestler who is best known for his career across 16 World Wrestling championships. With many Wrestlers, it’s their unique personality, and style, that defines their character and persona. Ric Flair’s choice of clothing, and unique sunglasses, showcase this with Flair often seen wearing over-the-top clothing, which often features bright colors, bold patterns, and extravagant fabrics. This extends into his choice of glasses where he’s rarely seen without a pair of luxurious sunglasses.

In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into the most iconic frames worn by Flair over his long career, and attempt to identify the exact brands he wore over the years.

Flair wearing the iconic Porsche 5621 Sunglasses.

Ric Flair Sunglasses: Identifying the Brands

With a career spanning over 50 years, Ric Flair has been through his fair share of Sunglasses (or should I say Flair Share). From his time in the Arena, through to his later years, Ric Flair has a taste for bold and eccentric styles often favoring unique styles most defined as Aviator Sunglasses. Aviators are defined by their large oversized frames and tear-drop-shaped lenses. Below are just a few of Ric Flair’s most iconic frames along with their brand and information on where you can go about getting yourself a pair of Ric Flair Sunglasses.

The first and probably most iconic sunglasses worn by Flair are his Porsche 5621 Sunglasses. He wore these mainly on stage along in interviews and press conferences. Probably one of his bolder looks (although most of his glasses are glitzy) they are most defined by their wireframe look. Produced in collaboration between Porche Designs (yes, the car company) and famed eyewear brand Carrera these glasses are often seen on the big screen most famously in the Movie ‘Scarface‘ and ‘Beverly Hills Cop‘ where they were worn by Eddie Murphy. Despite their enduring popularity, these sunglasses can still be found second-hand for reasonable prices usually around $300.00+ such as these found on Etsy.

Another shot of Flair wearing Porsche Sunglasses.

Another pair of iconic frames worn by Flair is a pair of Carrera Safari Sunglasses (image below). As you can already tell, Flair has a soft spot for the Carrera brand and has worn a wide variety of sunglasses from the brand over the years. The Safari Sunglasses date back to the early 1890s and are inspired by racing glasses from a bygone era. They feature the unique Cattera logo directly on the center of the frames and an oversized square profile. To celebrate the 65th anniversary of Carrera these iconic frames have been re-released and can be purchased from a price tag of around $150.00.

Flair wearing a pair of Carrera Safari Sunglasses.

Over the years Flair’s style has changed and although he still prefers Aviator-styled sunglasses he can be seen wearing a wide range of other brands. The below image showcases Flair wearing a pair of Leisure Society Presidio Sunglasses when he was seen and photographed at the Basketball Event in September 2022. Similar to the Bandini model, the Presidio Sunglasses feature more prominent square lenses and are made from a combination of titanium coated in pure 24K gold. These glasses are some of the most expensive frames I’ve ever come across costing a staggering $1,060.00. In the main photo at the top of the page, Ric Flair is seen wearing a pair of Maui Jims Aviators. The exact model is unknown but they could either be Alelele Bridge or Keokea models.

Orange Cassidy: The Gift of Glasses

Finally, in 2021 an Instagram post by Orange Cassidy showed himself gifting a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators to Ric Flair. Orange Cassidy is another famous American Wrestler who also has a liking for Aviator sunglasses. This is the only known instance of Flair wearing a pair of Ray-Bans.