Rich Chigga Sunglasses

Identifying the Sunglasses worn by Rapper Rich Chigga

Indonesian Rapper Rich Chigga (Brian) is rarely seen without a pair of sunglasses on his face and it’s only natural for his fans to get curious as to the exact brand of sunglasses he wears. It’s clear that Rich Chigga has a specific style of sunglasses usually opting for a pair of perfectly oval frames, small rims, and a unique colorway including and not limited to blues and pinks. But with any celebrity what exactly are the brands of sunglasses he enjoys wearing? I took it upon myself to do a deep dive and search into the unique sunglasses worn by Rich Chigga. Let’s see if we can identify the brands and figure out the exact models of these glasses in question.

Rich Brain’s Sundance (2023): Music Video

Rich Chigga Sunglasses: What we know so far

My first point of call was to do some research across the internet to see what others have been saying about the sunglasses of Rich Chigga. It was clear from the start that it wasn’t going to be as simple a task as I first thought as very little information was available online. One article from Reddit, from the Rich Chigga Subreddit, was a potential lead, but visiting the page shows the Subreddit has been made private (meaning I can’t access it) which didn’t help. But I wasn’t phased by this setback. I knew this was a potential to access this page through the Wayback Machine a website that archives old website pages – I had to give it a shot. Unfopruntly although the page had been archived back in June (2023) the page wasn’t displaying properly and had nothing more than the title with no other information. It was back to square one.

The next step was to browse through the likes of Twitter, Facebook, and other social media pages to see if anybody else had talked about these frames. Pinterest came up short and only provided examples of similar-styled sunglasses to look at (we may come back to these later), while Facebook’s only help was a post from 2016 that simply showed Chigga wearing a pair of ‘F**k Me’ Sunglasses. I thought all hope was lost.

But it was thanks to a 2018 article by Crack Magazine that interviews and looks into the various fashion styles and clothing of Chigga himself. In this article, a photo of Chigga wearing a distinctive pair of yellow sunglasses (image here). These are quite unique and, honestly, they are a pair of sunglasses I’ve not seen Chigga wear aside from the photoshoot he obviously did for the Crack article itself. Nevertheless, this was the only lead I had and these sunglasses were confirmed to be from the sunglasses brand Gentle Monster. If I could find these, then maybe other pairs of sunglasses are also from the same brand – I had to look.

The first thing I did was try to find the exact frames he wore in the Crack Magazine photoshoot. Since the article was from as far back as 2018, it’s very likely these glasses have been discontinued. That being said, I crawled through hundreds of pairs of similar-style sunglasses from the Dior Sunglasses of the past through to cheap Chinese knock-offs sold on the likes of Alibaba and found nothing. I also browsed through the entire sunglasses collection on the Gentle Monster Official website, which stocks hundreds of frames, and again, came up short. The closest I could find was the Hyper YC3 with a sporty design and clear yellow frames – close but no cigar (See image above). It was now down to the Wayback Machine again to see if I could find these glasses. I also browsed through every photograph posted on Gentle Monster’s Facebook Page between 2017 – 2018 – again no luck. It looks like I’ve failed to find these sunglasses. I’ve sent an email directly to Gentle Monster asking for their advice and if anybody reading this knows of the sunglasses model of these please get in touch.

Rich Chigga Sunglasses: Other Sunglasses

After that pointless goose chase, it seems It was down to some clever research to discover the rest of Rich Chigga’s frames. The first pair I was able to successfully identify can be seen in the image above. These overall frames are from the Brand Percy Lau and are known as Rotation sunglasses. These are still sold to this day and can be found online for the affordable price tag of $158.00.

The Next pair I discovered was the below pink frames in a more aviator-inspired look. With gold frames and a unique speckled/dappled effect on the lenses, it was clear that these glasses were more of a novelty and weren’t from any specific brand. After a quick search, I discovered these on Chinese wholesale sites such as Alibaba. They don’t have a specific name (often just being called big Korean frames) but cost as little as $3.90.

Finally, we have the pair of oval blue sunglasses as seen on the cover art of Rich Brian’s Album Amen (20XX). These too me are Chigga’s most definitive frames. Again I couldn’t find conclusive evidence as to the exact frames, but there are many styles that fit the look, feel, and description of these blue frames. The first contender, again, could be a pair of a Chinese wholesale websites – but I dismissed this theory. The second was a pair of sunglasses from brand and designer Roberto Cavalli – The Model RC 1101 33S.