Riff Raff Sunglasses

The Colorful World of Riff Raff’s Sunglasses: A Deep Dive into the Rapper’s Favorite Brands

Riff Raff is well-known for his eccentric and daring fashion choices. He has been described as a fashion chameleon, constantly changing his appearance to keep his fans guessing. His clothing is frequently brightly colored, often in neon hues, and has bold patterns. He is also known for his love of accessories, such as oversized jewelry and watches, and he frequently wears a flamboyant hairstyle, which may include braids or cornrows.

Pop culture heavily influences Riff Raff’s fashion choices, and he frequently incorporates references to iconic movies, TV shows, and cartoon characters into his outfits. His distinct sense of style has earned him the title of fashion icon, with fans frequently imitating his daring looks. While Riff Raff’s style may not be for everyone, you can’t deny his success at creating his own unique look and is often seen as a style icon across smaller communities. Today, we’re going to explore the range of sunglasses worn by Rapper Riff Raff, explore his brands of choice, and see whether these bold specs are still available to buy today.

Riff Raff in ‘STARS iN THE ROOF OF MY CAR’ seen wearing a variety of different sunglasses.

Riff Raff Sunglasses: Bold & Eccentric Styles

With Riff Raff’s distinctive look, he’s often seen wearing a wide range of different eyewear with a variety of different makes and brands. Below are just a few of these iconic frames he’s rocked over the years. These include the Oakley Flight Jacket a pair of sports frames designed for runners and cyclists. These include a wide open-edge brow and a distinctive multi-color lens which I am sure is what appealed to Riff Raff. 

He has also been seen wearing a pair of Tom Ford Olga Sunglasses, which again, were originally designed as protective eyewear with motorcyclists seeming to be the main target (heavily referenced in their photography of the glasses). With large frames, they are essentially stylish goggles that provide a complete seal around the face and protect your eyes from all angles. 

Riff Raff in his Tom Ford Olga Sunglasses.

Another unusual pair of sunglasses is the Gucci GG0145S Sunglasses. These look like something that Elon John would enjoy wearing. The larger frames are made from acetate and encrusted with jewels, and its transparent pink coloration is quite the statement piece. Finally, the Céline CL 40039 Sunglasses are also a choice for Riff Raff. These are probably the most ‘normal-looking’ (i use this term loosely) glasses he wears. In an aviator style, but with pink lenses and golden metal accents, the glasses provide a more relaxed look yet still retain the bold nature of Riff Raffs Style. 

Riff Raff wearing the Gucci GG0145S Sunglasses.

As to where you can currently buy Riff Raff’s Sunglasses – that can be quite difficult. Most if not all of the models of sunglasses mentioned on this list are currently no longer produced by the brands and haven’t been for some time. This means if you want to get your hands on Gucci or Tom Ford sunglasses you’ll have to look through the second-hand market. Places like Etsy or eBay are a great place to start but with such rare and expensive eyewear (some of these glasses would set you back $600+ at retail) it’s becoming increasingly harder to source these glasses.