Tom Cruise in ‘Risky Business’ Sunglasses

Tracing the Impact of the Sunglasses Worn by Joel Goodson on Fashion & Style

Tom Cruise is the star of Paul Brickman‘s 1983 American romance comedy Risky Business. In the movie, Cruise plays high school senior Joel Goodsen, who decides to let free and have some fun while his parents are away on vacation. As a result, a sequence of careless and dangerous actions are taken, such as hiring a prostitute (played by Rebecca De Mornay) and getting embroiled in a business endeavor gone wrong.

The movie was a significant turning point for Cruise, launching his career as a leading man in Hollywood. With his affluent but rebellious persona, Cruise’s character Joel became famous and solidified his reputation as a teen heartthrob. The movie also features quotable passages and memorable sequences that have been frequently used and spoofed in popular culture.

The famous Dance scene in Risky Business

The Risky Business Sunglasses

The sunglasses Tom Cruise’s character in “Risky Business” wears are among the most recognizable aspects of the character. The sunglasses’ sleek and distinctive shape has made them iconic and they are frequently linked to the movie and Cruise’s performance. The sunglasses, which have a black plastic frame and dark lenses, are a crucial component of Cruise’s attire and support the cool and assured manner of his character.

What Brand Are the Risky Business Sunglasses?

The specific brand of sunglasses that Tom Cruise wore in Risky Business has been the subject of much discussion. The Original RB2140 Model of Ray-Ban Wayfarers, according to the widespread view, is what he wore during the film. A timeless design, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are probably the most famous pair of sunglasses in the world and have been seen in many films throughout the years. They were initially released in 1952, and with their distinctive square frame and winged ends, they rapidly became popular across the world.

Part of the promotional poster of ”Risky Business”
The History of Ray-Bans

Currently, one of the most renowned and recognizable eyewear brands in the world is Ray-Ban. The company continues to be renowned for its classic designs and excellent craftsmanship, and its sunglasses are frequently regarded as fashion classics. American business Bausch & Lomb established it in 1936. The Wayfarer and Aviator models are among the brand’s most recognizable creations.

For the American Army Air Corps, the Aviator fashion was originally presented in 1936. The unusual teardrop-shaped design, which completely encircled the eye, was meant to shield pilots’ eyes from the sun’s glare at high altitudes.

When the Wayfarer design debuted in 1952, it had a more angular shape than the Aviator. Celebrities like James Dean and Marilyn Monroe helped to make this style famous, and it swiftly rose to the top of the list of the most popular sunglasses designs worldwide.

The famous dance scene in ”Risky Business”

The Risky Business Dance – Sunglasses or No Glasses?

Funnily enough, when researching The Risky Business sunglasses I can across another mystery, once again, to do with his glasses. Remember the famed scene when Tom Cruise dances around in his underwear? Try and think back to whether you remember Tom Cruise wearing his iconic sunglasses in the scene. If you’re like me, you’d have sworn he wore the glasses, yet if you watch the original scene here, he never was. This sort of phenomenon, where many people all corroborate false memories, is known as the Mandela effect.

Mandela’s Impact The phrase “Mandela Effect” refers to the misconception that Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa, passed away in jail in the 1980s while, in reality, he was released in 1990 and lived until 2013. So what do you think? Do you remember Tom Cruise wearing his glasses as he danced to the song “Old Time Rock and Roll?’’ Let us know!

A Pair of Classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers

What Similar Style Sunglasses are available today?

Since the release of the movie, numerous businesses have produced sunglasses that resemble those worn by Cruise in “Risky Business” in terms of design. There are several brands of sunglasses with black plastic frames and dark lenses that you may choose from, such as Oakley and Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban also has a number of models with similar attributes. Persol, Maui Jim, and Von Zipper are further manufacturers of sunglasses with designs similar to that from Risky Business. Below are just a few recommended sunglasses brands that fit the style of Cruise’s eyewear in the film at varying price points.

One great aspect of the Wayfarers is that, even to this day, they’re still sold by Ray-Bans. Vintage Wayfarers can still be found on the likes of eBay and Etsy if you know where to look and are happy paying a pretty penny for the novelty. As well as this, and due to the popularity of the sunglasses, many different brands have created nearly identical glasses to the Wayfarers meaning a similar look to Cruise won’t cost the world if you know where to look.

Sunglasses still at the top of their game

Since the debut of the movie, references to and parodies of the sunglasses have become commonplace in popular culture. They have come to represent “Risky Business.” Sunglasses are a prominent and enduring feature of popular culture that have remained popular and recognized throughout time.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article. We’d love to hear from you if you have any additional questions regarding Risky Business and the Sunglasses worn by Tom Cruise. Do you own a pair of Ray-Ban’s RB2140? What do you think? Send us an email and let us know how well these famed glasses have held up for you.