Robert De Niro Sunglasses in Casino

Considered one of Scorses’s finest, The film Casino (1995) chronicles the rise and fall of Sam “Ace” Rothstein, a mob-connected casino owner in Las Vegas in the 1970s and 1980s. Starred Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, and Joe Pesci, the film depicts extreme violence, themes of power, corruption, and treachery, as well as a strong sense of longing for the “old Vegas” of the 1970s.

With a call back to ‘Old Vegas’ and a color palette to match. The use of warm bold colors really fits the asthetic of an era gone by and this is captured well throughout the film thanks to its cinematography and choice of fashion within the film. With flashy clothes and tailored suits, the use of sunglasses is a token aspect of the film. This page will examine the specific brand of spectacles that De Niro wore in the film Casino in more detail, as well as their cultural background and current availability.

Robert De Niro Sunglasses in Casino

Sam, played by Rober De Niro, may be seen sporting a wide range of different sunglasses throughout the movie. The characters’ eyewear also significantly contributes to the visual style of the movie. Many of the male characters use fashionable sunglasses, which enhance their sleek and cool appearance. The sunglasses also help to mask their genuine feelings and intentions, which is consistent with the narrative’s overarching themes of deceit and secrecy.

Ultra-Goliath II Sunglasses

De Niro actually doesn’t wear these sunglasses until around 2 hours into the film. He’s first seen wearing a pair of Ultra-Goliath II Sunglasses in the famed desert scene where Sam meets with Micky to discuss a problem that has arisen with one of the casino’s patrons. In this scene, you get an ultra close-up shot of De Niro’s glasses with their large oversized frames and thick black rims (see image above).

Goliath II sunglasses are still sold to this day and can be bought online or in-store through a wide variety of different retailers. At present, you can find them online for around $350.00. Getting your hands on an authentic vintage pair might be a little more tricky but the likes of ebay and Etsy are your best bet. Due to the popularity of The Sunglasses, many alternatives but similarly styled pairs of glasses are available. Below are just a few of our alternative recommendations:

Carrera 5425 Sunglasses

De Niro can also be seen wearing a pair of Carrer 5425 Sunglasses.