Roger Stone Sunglasses

Shades of Power: Examining Roger Stone’s Iconic Sunglasses Style

A Bond Villian Wanna be Roger Stone has definitely left his mark on US politics. But it’s this unique dress sense and style that has a lot of people asking about his distinctive look – mainly his choice of perfectly round, thick acetate glasses. In this article, I’m going to explore these sunglasses and see if I can identify the type, style, and main brand of these unique specs.

Like with any investigative research, I started looking online, mainly on social media, to see what information was already out there about his specs. I quickly came across a Reddit thread in which one user indicated he believed that Mr. Stone purchases his glasses for a niche optician located in New York named E.B. Meyrowitz. Another thread on Quora here confirmed the same thing. E.B. Meyrowitz is renowned in New York for their handcrafted frames allowing customers to customize their glasses to their exact liking and specification. Founded in 1875, E.B. Meyrowitz is a historic eyewear brand that has a long history of producing glasses for famed celebrities including glasses worn by US President Theodore Roosevelt himself.

After a quick search on E.B. Meyrowitz’s official website, I was having trouble finding the exact frames worn by Rodger Stone. Looking through the Bespoke collection online the closest style I could find to those worn by Stone were theBloomsbury Model‘ and ‘The Jermy‘ which although look similar have tangible and easily identifiable differences. If these posts online are to be believed I wanted to understand further what sources, and proof, are out there to suggest Mr. Stone really does get his glasses from this esteemed company. I went digging to see what evidence we have to fact-check what other users online were suggesting to be true.

My first point of call was to see if E.B. Meyrowitz has ever mentioned supplying frames to Stones on their official website or through promotional means. This immediately drew nothing as I’m not surprised a company like E.B. Meyrowitz would want to distance itself from a convicted criminal. Next, I stumbled across a Tumblr article talking about the style of Rodger Stones. Throughout it, the article quotes what seems to be Mr. Stones, in his own words, talking about his personal style including his suits, shoes, and of course glasses. The sources indicated that these comments were made by Stone in an interview with Yahoo Style back in 2017. This article, which can be found here, all but confirms in Stone’s own words he does indeed purchase his glasses from E.B. Meyrowitz – case closed!

Rodger Stone Sunglasses: Alternatives & Recommendations

Unless you have upwards of $1,000 to spend on bespoke E.B. Meyrowitz frames, then it’s very unlikely you’ve been able to get a pair of Rodger Stone Sunglasses from the exact brand. That being said, the round oval style of glasses worn by Stone is an iconic style and many different companies still produce this style throughout the world. Below is a list of alternative recommendations for glasses that look similar to the ones worn by Mr. Stone.

Lesca (Round Frames): $350.00

Cutler and Gross (GR01): $430.00

Cubitts Woolf: $200.00

Moscot Foygel: $360.00

The Similar Looking Cubitts Woolf Eyeglasses