Scott Disick Sunglasses

The Sunglasses Worn by American Media Personality Scott Disick

Scott Disick has a very typical sunglasses style for his age and face shape always opting for a wayfarer-inspired frame. Usually choosing more classic colors such as black, browns, and greens his choice in eyewear reflects his style and personality as a so-called ‘cool dude’. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the different brands Disick chooses to wear and provide up-to-date information on where you can go about replicating his sunglasses style. 

Disick wearing Garrett Leight Hampton.

1. Garrett Leight

Hampton S

One of his favorite brands of sunglasses. Disick can be seen wearing a variety of different shades from the brand including the pictures Hampton S sunglasses. These oval Wayfarer-inspired games are made in transparent brown acetate and feature a narrow bridge. Other Garrett Leights worn by Disick includes the Millwood that’s a slight variation of the Hampton. Garrett Leight specs usually cost around the price of $300.00.

What’s up with your Shoulders, Scott?

2. Barton Perreira 

Nelson & Zeak

Another favorite of Disick, having been photographed wears a few different frames from the brand. The image to the left shows the Zeak Sunglasses in a classic Wayfarer style and with a Tortoiseshell finish. A slightly smaller frame worn by Disick is the Nelson which is a more feminine style with a black and speckled gold finish. These glasses can be found online and cost between $250 – $300. 

Wearing Oliver Peoples O’Malley

3. Oliver Peoples 


It’s hard to come across a celebrity that hasn’t worn Oliver Peoples. The brand is synonymous with classic styles dating back to the mid-20th century. This is true with Disick, who has been seen wearing a pair of Oliver Peoples O’Malley, which again, are a classic pair of sunglasses inspired and popularised in the 1960s. Disick again has chosen to go with a classic colorway of brown frames and lenses, his signature style. The O’Malley are trendy frames and can be found in a variety of different colors starting at around $350.00. 

Unique Snowdon frames by Tom Ford

4. Tom Ford


The final brand we’re going to be talking about today is Tom Ford. Disick has only been sighted wearing a single pair of Tom Ford glasses over the years which have been identified to be a pair of Tom Ford Snowdon sunglasses. These are probably Disick’s most prominent frames with thick acetate frames and narrow lenses. They also feature a dark tortoiseshell colorway and a dark green tint to the lenses. These glasses can still be found online and come in at around the $250.00 mark.