Taylor Swift Heart Sunglasses

Identifying the Heart-Shaped Sunglasses worn by Taylor Swift in the hit single 22

Even after over 10 years since the release of Taylor Swift’s hit single 22, people are still enamored but the heart-shaped sunglasses she wore in the singles music video. Throughout the video, she can be seen wearing a variety of different eyewear from a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers through to a pretty standard pair of so-called ‘nerd glasses’. But it’s the stark red heart sunglasses that caught the majority of fans’ attention and have people still searching for where they can get their hands on the iconic frames. In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into these heart sunglasses and go about attempting to identify their brand and where you can go about getting your hands on a pair. 

The Music Video for 22 features the famed heart-shaped sunglasses

Taylor Swift Heart Sunglasses: Identifying the Brand

With the 22 music videos that featured these heart-shaped shades reaching 10 years old, there’s a lot of speculation online as to the exact origins, and brand, of the sunglasses. A Reddit thread from 2017 doesn’t provide much additional information nor does anybody on the likes of Twitter and Facebook. 

The general consensus among fans is these are simply a generic no no-name brand of heart-shaped sunglasses produced by a wide variety of different manufacturers. A search for ‘heart-shaped sunglasses’ on Amazon further confirms this theory and showcases many different examples of companies selling nearly identical heart-shaped glasses to the ones worn by Taylor Swift. The great thing about this is the prices they retail for. For example, the IOHLNG Sunglasses on Amazon are the perfect shape and color and cost just $10.00.  

IOHLING Sunglasses: A near replica of Taylor’s sunglasses