The Weeknd Sunglasses

Identifying the Sunglasses style and brand of Musician The Weeknd

Not only renowned for his unconventional musical talents, The Weeknd, actually named Abel Tesfaye, first rose to fame around 2012 when he was signed by Republic Records. His talents beyond music also saw him in a leading role in the 2022 HBO Series ‘The Idol’. It’s in this series where we first see The Weeknd wear a pair of shades in which brand and style have been a hot topic of the sunglasses he wore throughout the first series. In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into the style of these sunglasses and see if we can go about identifying the exact brand they come from including model and prices. 

The Weeknd’s song ‘Double Fantasy’ features many scenes where he wears his shades

The Weeknd Sunglasses: His Style, Fashion and Eyewear

The sunglasses in question that most people want information on are the pair The Weeknd wore in the HBO series The Idol (2022) in which he played the character Tedros. These glasses are quite easy to identify when it comes to their distinctive style and I’d be surprised if you’d not come across the style yourself. They are of course in the iconic Aviator style of sunglasses identified by their large frames, tear-drop-shaped lenses, and a metal bar that connects both lenses together. These elements together are the main features that define Aviator Sunglasses.  The exact pair The Weeknd Wears has other features that are noteworthy. Firstly, is their colorway or the color of the lenses. In a brown/tan they have a vintage look and feel – a harper back to the 1970s. This is complimented by their stark gold/bronze frames, and arms which further add to this vintage look and style. 

The Weeknd Sunglasses: Identifying the brands

So how easy is it to identify the exact brand of sunglasses worn by The Weeknd in The Idol? The big problem with Aviator sunglasses is they’re one of the most popular styles of shades in the world. Because of this, every eyewear brand in the world has at least one model in their range which can make it harder to accurately identify the correct brand. That being said, The Weeknd’s Sunglasses have the advantage of the internet age and being from a popular series that only aired in 2022. With that being said, it’s been quite easy to accurately. Its exact brand of sunglasses has been identified as Cartier with the exact model being from the Panthère de Cartier range (Model: ESW00480).

Cartier is a highly famous luxury brand that sells eyewear at eyewatering prices as high as $1000. The Panthère de Cartier is no exception to this with current pricing on the Cartier official website costing a pretty penny. Cartier sunglasses are highly desirable and even have a reputation in Detroit for showcasing wealth and success often going by the name ‘Cartier Buffs’, and commonly worn by Rappers. 

The Weeknd Sunglasses: Alternatives & Recommendations 

If you’re anything like myself then the Cartier Sunglasses are most likely outside of your budget. Because of this, I’ve searched the internet for some more affordable options to choose from that still retrain the distinctive look, feel, and style of the Cartier pair worn by The Weeknd. Below of just a few of our top choices and recommendations.

Ray-Ban Aviator Classics: When in doubt go to the originals. Ray-Ban’s was the brand that first developed, produced, and popularised the Aviator style of sunglasses with it still being one of their best sellers to this day. This pair of Ray-Ban Classic Aviators, are a prime example of Avitors barely changed from when they were first used in the 1930s. You can get your hands on these for a much more reasonable price of $171.00

Quay High Roller Sunglasses: ($70.00). The eyewear brand Quay produces a range of modern eyewear from Australia. The High Roller sunglasses definitely live up to their name and influence and have everything you need for a high-quality pair of sunglasses.

JOOX Aviator Sunglasses: Finally onto a budget pair of Aviators. You’re best bet is always Amazon with affordable eyewear and these shades from JOOX are exactly that. The quality isn’t great but for a price of just $13.99, they are designed exactly like the Cartier’s and include Polarized lenses and UV400 Protection. A fantastic price if you ask me.