Tommy Wiseau Sunglasses

Identifying the Sunglasses worn by ‘The Room’ Legend Tommy Wiseau

A meme legend and an absolute Stella director and actor after his comical performance in the cult film ‘The Room’ (2003). It’s clear that over the years Tommy Wiseau has managed to claw back a reputation of memes and hatred to become a beloved actor, with his story being portrayed by James Franco in the 2017 film ‘The Disaster Arist’. One surprising request I often get is what sunglasses Tommy Wiseau wears. He is rarely seen without an all-black pair of visor-styled sunglasses which are very distinctive in style. In this article, we’re going to go about attempting to identify the brand of these sunglasses and provide some information on how you can go about getting your hands on a pair. We’ll also look into the sunglasses James Franco wore in this portrayal of Wiseau in the 2017 film. 

Wiseau breaks down a scene from ‘The Disaster Artist’. Here he wears his famed frames. Vanity Fair (2018).

Tommy Wiseau Sunglasses: Identifying the Brand

The first issue I had in my attempts to identify this brand of sunglasses was finding some actual reliable information online regarding the shades. Most of the time people have already, in the past, talked about various celebrities’ eyewear, but in the case of Wiseau, this was none existent. The other issue was with Wiseau’s signature long hair. In most photos of him wearing sunglasses his long hair covered the sides of the shades which made it increasingly harder to identify. Luckily all hope wasn’t lost and I was able to get a good look at the sunglasses from various photos of Wiseau on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Wiseau rocking his favorite frames

After around half an hour of searching, I’m pretty confident the sunglasses worn by Tommy Wiseau are a pair of Oakley Oil Rigs. These sunglasses have the same visor style shade, but it was the intriguing shade of the sunglass’ arms (which have a sort of thick tapered look) that made me confident that these were definitely from Oakley. After looking on the Oakley official website I found the Oil Rig shades, but unfortunately, they are no longer available to purchase and have since been discontinued by the brand. They can still be found on second-hand/aftermarket websites for anywhere from $80 – $120. 

Oakley Oil Rig Sunglasses