Bad Bunny Glasses

The Eyewear of Choice of Rapper Bad Bunny

Along with his musical career in Latin Trap and Reggaeton, Rapper Bad Bunny has also made a name for himself that to his unique style of eyewear. You only need to browse through a few photos of himself to see that not a day goes by that he isn’t wearing some sort of unique eyewear, whether it’s his heart-shaped glasses (which most notably has also been rocked by Jeff Bezos) or razer thin diamond glasses in which Bad Bunny also had a third eye drawn on his forehead (perhaps a reference to the Illuminati?).

Bad Bunny has been asked numerous times regarding his specs and in an interview with Vogue in 2020 had this to say regarding choice in sunglasses: ”I always said that when I have money, I’m going to have every pair of sunglasses in the world.” It seems his love of eyewear transcends his musical career, but being ridiculed hasn’t stopped the star from expressing himself. He also noted: ”I always wanted to be an artist to use my sunglasses whenever I want. That was the goal” which I think he’s very much succeeded in. In this article, we’re going to explore the wide variety of different sunglasses worn by Bad Bunny and attempt to identify his brands of choice and individual models.

Official Music Video for Bad Bunny’s Tití Me Preguntó. In this, he wears at least 4 different styles of sunglasses.

Bad Bunny Glasses: His Brands of Choice

Before we start I want to mention that we’re not going to have time to cover all the different sunglasses worn by Bad Bunny. That would simply be overkill and the huge variety of different frames have certain crossover points. To begin with, I’m going to look at some of his most unique and unusual frames. At the end of the article, I’ll quickly summarise other frames, he’s worn and give our opinions on which brands they might be from.

In promotional photos for his debut studio album ‘X 100pre,‘ Bad Bunny was seen wearing a huge oversized pair of thick-rimmed glasses. These were quite easy to identify not due to their distinctive shape but also the metal branding accents on each side of the glasses (clearly a gold Gucci logo). These have been identified to be a pair of Gucci GG0152S Glasses. These glasses have clear frames and are roughly based on Aviator sunglasses (specifically those made by Carrera) but are made unique with their thick acetate rims. These glasses are no longer available to purchase from Gucci but can be found on second-hand websites for around $250+.

Despite the unique look of the below sunglasses with their stark orange/yellow frames and rounded acerate rims, it wasn’t as easy as I thought to identify this pair of glasses. These glasses were worn by Bad Bunny during the 2021 Grammy and featured an all-black entire (with Bad Bunny also holding up a sunflower for whatever reason). Certain sources suggest these are a pair of Versace Sunglasses (if so, I don’t know the exact model) but I’ve been unable to confirm myself. In my opinion, these look more like a pair of Ace & Tate Mulberry or even a pair of Bonnie Clyde Sunglasses. Do you know what brand of sunglasses these are? Let us know. We’re happy to update this article to reflect that.

One of his most iconic looks was when Bad Bunny wore a pair of razor-thin diamond-shaped sunglasses. These red frames were accompanied by a third eye drawn on his forehead. Without even considering it I don’t these glasses are made by any one brand but are most likely custom-made to fit the specific look he was going for. After a quicks search online nobody is currently selling any sunglasses in this style aside from certain cheap sunglasses that can be found on the likes of eBay and Amazon. Another pair of sunglasses worn by Bad Bunny is the aforementioned heart-shaped sunglasses. Again, I don’t these are are any specific designer brands but are glasses that are widely available online for as cheap as $10.00.

Other Sunglasses of Choice: Bad Bunny

As I said earlier going through all the different sunglasses worn by Bad Bunny would take quite some time so here is a quick summary of some other frames he’s worn in the past.

Gentle Monster x Marine Serre: Inspired by the unique look of retro-futurism, Gentle Monster collaborated with Marine Serre to create a range of futuristic-inspired glasses ably named ‘Visonnizer’. These sunglasses have been worn by Bad Bunny on a variety of occasions and have been identified to be a pair of VISIONIZER II 01 with a thin goggles style and mirrored lenses. He also wore these in his music video for Yonaguni.

Locs Sunglasses: Most sunglasses on this list are worth a pretty penny, but Bad Bunny doesn’t just wear designer eyewear. He has also been photographed wearing a pair of Locs Sunglasses which are budget eyewear that can most commonly be found in gas stations across America. These glasses have been a favorite of many Rapper’s for years and can be bought for as little as $30.00.

Gucci L’aveugle Par Amour Metal: The near-perfect circular spectacles were quite easy to identify due to their lettering embossed inside the large Rims of the frames. Bad Bunny wore these glasses when he arrived at the 1017 Latin American Music Awards in LA (see a photo here).

Jacque Marie Mage: A staple and favorite brand of Bad Bunny. Jacque Marie Mage, based in LA, is one of the fastest-growing and most popular eyewear brands of the last century. Handmade in Japan by skilled craftsmen these glasses are a favorite among celebrities and have gained a reputation for their unique styling and immense quality. But you better start saving now. Frames from JMM Can set you back anywhere from $500 to well over $1000. Yahoo Lifestyle has a good breakdown of the different styles of JMM glasses favored by the rapper here.