Conor Mcgregor Sunglasses

A Look at the Eccentric & Expensive Eyewear of Conor Mcgregor

Conor McGregor is a professional mixed martial artist and boxer known for his flashy and bold style inside and outside the ring. He is known for his sharp suits, designer sunglasses, watches, and statement pieces. McGregor’s sunglasses are a fashion statement and part of his overall “brand” and image. He has always been known to be a stylish and flashy person, and his sunglasses are a reflection of that. His sunglasses are a key part of his image and help to create an iconic and memorable look.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the various eyeglasses worn by Conor McGregor over his career. Trying our best to ID the various brands and models, and looking into the best places to pick up a pair of Conor McGregor Sunglasses yourself.

Conor Mcgregor’s Sunglasses Style

McGregor’s Sunglasses style is bold and eccentric which fits well with his general persona and charismatic attitude. He seems to prefer gold frames as his choice with wide lenses usually in a flashy accent color. He is very much a fan of the classic Clubman style, originally designed by Ray-Ban, which can be seen in his choices Gucci and Tom Ford choices (see below). It’s also worth mentioning that Mcgregor has expensive taste going for the higher end of the eyewear brand market including the likes of Dita Eyewear which is a brand he prefers above all else.

Dita Mach-One

McGregor’s sunglasses often feature bold frames and design accents. One such example is the Dita Mach One he has worn during many press conferences. Dita eyewear seems to be his top choice in press conferences when he aims to be as intimidating as possible.

Inspired by the golden age of Hollywood, these feature a diamond-patterned brow bar and acetate frames with distinctive gold-plated detailing. The Dita Mach-One comes in at a price tag of £655.00 but is often times sold out due to its popularity since being worn by McGregor.

Dita Mach-Three

A variation to the Dita Mach One, the Mach Three has smaller frames more in the style of a classic pair of Wayfarers. Again, these are highly expensive with the Mach Three coming in at around $600.00. Luckily for you, they’re often sold out and currently unavailable.

Paul Smith Hoban

The closest McGregor has ever got to a normal pair of sunglasses. These ‘Hoban’ sunglasses from Paul Smith feature acetate frames yet are deceptive as they’re embossed with a colorful abstract strip on the inner sections of the frame. These are by far the most affordable pair of McGregor sunglasses you can find coming in at around $200.00.

Gucci GG0603

Tom Ford 5307