Sneako Sunglasses

Identifying the Sunglasses’ Style and Brand of Sneako (Nicolas “Nico” Kenn De Balinthazy)

Once a respectable individual right-wing Muslim-American internet personality Sneako went off the deep becoming some kind of Andrew Tate sympathiser. He realized he could make more money spouting nonsense with a fall from grace after getting absorbed into the so-called red-pill community and proceeding with highly controversial content on YouTube (which he’s been banned multiple times for violating YouTube TOS). 

I’ve written these articles, on controversial topics, in the past mainly to raise awareness of the polluting minds of these individuals and the negative influence they can have on young communities. Sneako is no different and his highly impressionable community is a prime example of individuals who would easily become absorbed into a negative echo chamber of Misogynist and Incel culture. So as a disclaimer, if this is you, and you’re searching for Sneako’s Eyewear because you want to ‘be him’ or act like him then please consider otherwise. Get off the internet. It’s not too late. This article has been written solely to raise awareness and hopefully get highly impressionable individuals to potentially turn back, re-evaluate their decisions, and move on for the better.

Many videos have been created documenting the downfall of Sneako.

Sneako Sunglasses: Identifying the brand

If you hate Sneako, are not a Misogynist, and simply like the style of his sunglasses then I encourage you to keep reading. After a brief search on the web, I was able to identify that the rimless red sunglasses that Sneako is commonly seen wearing are a pair of Signature C De Cartier Sunglasses. These sunglasses are in a style that is unique to Cartier and has a price tag to match a designer brand such as Cartier. You can find these sunglasses for prices anywhere from $1000+. Cartier sunglasses are one of those brands that have built a cult following and are most commonly found on the faces of Rappers. In fact, in Detroit, these sunglasses are often referred to as Cartier Buffs and are a symbol of wealth and prosperity in the city.

Due to the popularity of these frames, many alternatives can be found on the likes of Amazon for much lower prices than an authentic pair of Cartiers. Such examples like the Retro Vintage Sunglasses by Flawless Eyewear. These come in at a low price tag of just $19.95 and are a nearly exact replica of the real Cartier sunglasses worn by Sneako. They also come in a wide range of different colors. Another example is from the brand SDINM which offers an even closer look (but with smaller lenses). These can be purchased for an instantly low price of $14.57.

Cartier Sunglasses: Model CT0037RS