Deion Sanders Sunglasses

Identifying the Sunglasses Worn by Sports Legendary Coach Prime

Deion Sanders, also known as Coach Prime, is a household name in the world of baseball and football. From his early career through to his work in coaching Sanders’ talent as an athlete can never be understated. But what about his influence off the pitch? Sanders is often very active on social media and has a huge following among new and old fans alike. One of the biggest requests we get is to look into Sanders’ love of sunglasses as he’s often seen wearing a wide range of unique and eccentric frames. The image below, taken from one of Sander’s Instagram posts, showcases this love of shades with a huge collection lined up and ready to wear. In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into Deion Sanders Sunglasses and see whether we can identify the many brands he enjoys wearing. Let’s just straight in!

Sanders’s impressive sunglasses collection: 14 frames of style

Deion Sanders Sunglasses: Identifying the Brands

The easiest pair of sunglasses I was able to identify was from an article by GQ earlier this year (2023). The article goes into detail regarding Sanders’s iconic presence in the realm of college football and discusses his coaching career as he sets about the future. In the article, Sanders can be seen wearing a variety of different clothing and apparel and GQ was nice enough to provide us with the brands of each of these items (including sunglasses). The first pair as seen in the header image of the article (here) is a pair of sunglasses from LA Brand Jacques Marie Mage.

I can’t personally go 5 minutes without someone talking about this popular and esteemed brand and they’ve quickly risen to fame in the past few years for their style and quality. The main question I had was what model of sunglasses from JMM are they? After a little digging, I was able to discover these to be the Dealan 53 (Escplise) Sunglasses. As with anything from Jacque Marie Mage, they only produce eyewear in limited batches, and in the case of the Dealans, only 500 were produced. Because of this, they’re now sold out but at the time they came in at a staggering $850.00. In this same article, Sanders can also be seen wearing a  few other brands including Tom Ford and Gucci

Deion’s Jacque Marie Mage Sunglasses: As shown being worn by him here

A TikTok Video from 2022 showcases Deion having some banter with his son Shilo Sanders. Shilo seems to be mocking Deion for his style in sunglasses, which in their opinion, are a little outdated (or uncool). In the video, Deion slides a pair of what looks like ski goggles on his face with large chrome and reflective lenses (see photo below). It would have been tricky to identify these sunglasses if it wasn’t for the little ‘cross’ that appears on the top of the sunglasses frame. This cross is the logo for the eyewear brand Spy Optics, and I can confirm that the sunglasses in the video are a pair of Spy Optics Monolith. These come in a nice range of colorways (I think Deion had the Black variations) and at a surprisingly affordable price tag of $160.00.

Notice the little cross logo at the top: Spy Optics Monolith

Another TikTok from (insert year here) was posted by showcasing Deion Sanders in some sort of motivational speech (image below). The TikTok was posted by an eyewear brand called Le Chi Eyewear. In it, they claim Sanders was wearing a pair of eyeglasses from themselves. Although I can’t verify this myself or from any other sources, Le Chi Eyewear does have a model called the Henson which is identical to the glasses in the video. These are thin stainless steel frames in an aviator style. They are available on the Le Chi Website for an affordable $100.00

Unverified but these could be eyeglasses from the brand Le Chi

On Sanders’s Instagram, He showed off a pair of unusual full-framed rimless glasses with a gold accent and flat top (see image below). They also have a small logo on the right-hand side of the sunglasses lenses. At the moment I’ve been unable to identify these sunglasses. I can find many different brands with similar styles (not identical) but none with the branding on the lens. My first point of call was to do some Googling to see if I could find any shades that fit the general look and description of these. They’re quite distinctive so it wasn’t hard to find a few examples of sunglasses they could be. My best guess would be a pair of MLB ZRX3 Sunglasses, but even these have subtle differences and a lack of branding on the lenses. If anybody knows what sunglasses they could be then feel free to get in touch.

What brand of sunglasses are these?