Devin Booker Sunglasses

Identifying the Sunglasses Style of Phoenix Sun’s Devin Booker

NBA Star Devin Booker is often seen touting a wide array of different shades when off the court. But what brands and styles does Booker most commonly wear, and how can you go about getting your own pair of Devin Booker Sunglasses? In this article, we’re going to take a look at many different photographs of Booker and see if I can go about identifying the exact brands that he wears. The first thing to note is Devin Booker’s style. In all the photographs I reviewed (many can be seen throughout this article) it was clear Booker had a preferred style usually opting for bold frames, thick acetate rims, and natural colorways (usually black). His style also rarely deviates from Wayarfer-inspired frames which are one of the most popular styles of sunglasses in the world. Let’s now delve into what I was able to find regarding Booker’s shades.

Booker showcases things he can’t live without. Unfortunately, he doesn’t show any sunglasses in this video.

Devin Booker Sunglasses: Identifying His Shades

The first pair of shades we’re going to discuss was seen in a photo of Booker he posted on his Instagram account back in 2021. In this photo (see below) Booker is wearing a thick pair of all-black frames. These have been successfully identified as sunglasses from the LA Based Brand Jacques Marie Mage, the exact model being The Vader Ascari Sunglasses. Jacques Marie Mage is one of the hottest eyewear brands of the last decade and is a top choice of many celebrities across the world. They specialize in limited edition eyewear, resulting in glasses that cost a pretty penny. Although the Vader Sunglasses are no longer available to purchase they originally retailed for a price tag of around $650.00.

Devin-Booker-Jacques-Marie-Mage Sunglasses
Brooker is most commonly seen in these sunglasses: JMM Vader Ascari

It seems Booker has a liking for Jacques Marie Mage as in another photo of him, here seen with Kendall Jenner, he can be seen rocking a similarly styled pair of sunglasses as above but this time in a transparent brown acetate colorway. These have been successfully identified as a pair of JMM Molino Sunglasses which were inspired by Architect Carlo Mollion and his designs. As with the other pair of JMM Sunglasses, these were only released for a limited period so getting your hands on these today would be a challenge. They can be found on the aftermarket for prices around $555.00.

Brooker wearing JMM Sunglasses: Molino

Finally, we have a pair of sunglasses quite different from the others on this list. Not only due to their style but also due to them being a vintage pair of sunglasses. The photo here shows the glasses with their red tint, larger oval lenses, and distinctive line that splits the two halves of the glasses in half (these could be foldable sunglasses). These have been identified to be a pair of Balmain sunglasses in Tortoiseshell. Various websites sell these glasses for around $150 – $200.

Balmain Sunglasses (Paris): Photo courtesy of Vestiaire Collective