Jeff Lynne Sunglasses

The Sunglasses Worn by Musician and ELO Frontman Jeff Lynne. Can we discover his eyewear of choice?

Jeff Lynne is a British musician legend rising to fame as the singer-songwriter and lead member of the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). Beginning his career in the 1960s his career was marked by his signature blend of rock, pop, and classical music, as well as his distinctive voice and songwriting style with the likes of ‘Mr. Blue Sky’ and ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ are just a few of his significant hits still popular to this day. Outside of this music career, Lynne has also worked for a variety of other well-known artists including The Beatles and Paul McCarney, and has won awards for his influence and contributions to the music industry.

One aspect of Jeff Lynne’s stage presence and demeanor is his unique look. Jeff is rarely seen without sunglasses on his face, regardless if he’s recording in a studio or on stage performing. These sunglasses have become a pair of his, and over his 40+ year career, he still favors a specific pair of sunglasses. Today we’re going to look into one very niche aspect of Jeff’s personality, his style, and fashion, and attempt to uncover the brand of this distinctive style of sunglasses.

Jeff Lynn talks about ELO’s return (2019). In every shot of him, he wears his classic sunglasses.

Jeff Lynne’s Style, Fashion & Sunglasses

Although Jeff Lynne is best renowned for his musical achievements, he has also become noted for his unique sense of style. His trademark aviator sunglasses, which have grown to be an essential part of both Lynne’s on-stage and off-stage image, frequently define his appearance. He has also been seen donning fedoras and other fashionable hats, giving his appearance a dash of classic refinement.

Lynne frequently wears leather jackets, vests, and tight pants, which are typical components of his style and represent his status as a rock star. Lynne’s style has always been rather subdued, with a concentration on timeless pieces that never go out of style, despite his rock star persona.

The red circle shows the unique ‘MJ’ initials on Lynne’s Sunglasses

Jeff Lynne Sunglasses: The Same Specs across a 40-Year Career

Jeff Lynne has worn a bunch of different brands of sunglasses over the year but it’s one style that he’s never deviated from – the classic Aviator Glasses. Aviators are one of the most popular styles of sunglasses in the world. There’s one aspect of his glasses that may enable us to discover their brand and that’s the small golden ‘MJ’ initials etched on the top left side of the sunglasses frame (see photo above). The second indicator is the unique color of these glasses (one of his two pairs of ‘MJ’ frames at least) which are a dark shade of blue in color.  These would be my starting point in trying to identify the brand of these sunglasses. 

The first point of the call was searching for ‘MJ’ Sunglasses. This led to nothing as MJ is also the initials of the famed independent brand Maui Jims. The only other sunglasses brand with MJ as its initials is the designer brand Marc Jacobs – this could be a lead. Marc Jacobs only started producing eyewear in 2003 when it launched its first collaboration with the manufacturer Safilo. With this knowledge, I tried to find any images of Jeff Lynne wearing his ‘MJ’ Aviator frames before 2003 and failed to do so. With this, we can deduce Jeff bought these glasses somewhere after the turn of the century. 

Finally, I stumbled across this image (see below) taken sometime in 2022. These sunglasses look exactly like the blue ‘MJ’ Shades in question, yet for whatever reason don’t include the ‘MJ’ initials – like they totally disappeared. This could be one of three things. Either Jeff has two different pairs of glasses, one with the initials and one without, or perhaps the image is simply photoshopped with the ‘MJ’ removed. It could also be a case that Jeff, sometime in recent times, removed the MJ Initials himself. 

Overall, the takeaway from this mundane and pointless crawl across the internet in the discovery of his frames is I’m none the wiser as to what the exact brand of sunglasses he wears is. What we do know is Jeff is a big fan of Aviator sunglasses and they have been his style of choice spanning his over 40-year career on and off the stage. 

Tom Cruise popularised the Aviators in his hit film Top Gun (1986)
The History of Aviator Glasses: Alternatives & Recommendations 

Designed in the 1930s, aviator sunglasses were created as a popular eyewear style for pilots in the United States Army Air Corps. The sunglasses soon gained popularity among both the military and general populous alike due to this unique look and style and superior ability to protect your eyes from the sun. They were originally created to shield pilots’ eyes from the glare of the sun at great altitudes thanks to their over-engineered teardrop-shaped lenses, (for better coverage over the eye) thin metal frames, (for a lightweightness), and double or triple-bridge design. They are frequently constructed from premium materials like titanium or stainless steel and have mirrored or polarised lenses for extra safety and flair.

Over the years, aviator sunglasses have become a timeless fashion accessory, worn by everyone from movie stars to rock stars to everyday people. They are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and materials, making them a versatile choice for any style or occasion. Whether you’re looking for a classic and sophisticated look or a bold and edgy style, aviator sunglasses are an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a touch of cool to their outfit.