Kendall Roy Sunglasses

Identifying the Sunglasses Style & Brands of Succession Character Kendall Roy

Portrayed by Jeremy Strong in the hit series Succession, Kendall Roy is the second-oldest son of Longan and a potential hier. Although outwardly showcasing a confident and assertive persona, Kendall Roy is riddled with self-doubt and anxiety which isn’t helped by his substance abuse and erratic behavior. Playing into his ‘fake it until you make’ it persona, Kendal Roy’s clothing, and accessories reflect this confident demeanor and extend into this sunglasses choice. Throughout the series, there are many instances of Roy wearing a wide variety of different sunglasses. But what brand are these sunglasses, and are they available to purchase today? In this article, we’re going to take a deep dive into the many shades of Kendall Roy. 

Succession Actor Jeremy Strong talks about his ‘essential’ EDC Items: including sunglasses

Kendall Roy Sunglasses: Confidence Where It Matters

Kendall Roy’s choice of shades is very much chosen to reflect his personal character traits and place as a rich air to his father’s fortune. Most of the time seen wearing your typical corporate attire and this matches the eyewear choices we’ll discuss in the article usually wears black shades to match his choice of clothing. Roy’s fashion style in “Succession” is a reflection of his privileged upbringing and his attempt to balance his role as a member of the elite with his personal struggles and insecurities. As the series evolves and his character develops we do occasionally see him step away from this overly corporate look and this also changes his choice of eyewear along the way. 

The Jacque Marie Mage Brion Sunglasses

Kendall Roy Sunglasses: Identifying the Brands

In our search of Kendall Roy’s Shades, we managed to identify three different models/styles of sunglasses he has worn throughout the series. We’ll discuss each of these in turn. The first pair of sunglasses we’re going to discuss were featured in the later series of the show, specifically season 4. These sunglasses immediately caught my eye thanks to their angular lenses and stark amber/orange color. These sunglasses (as pictured below) are of course in the style of the Classic Aviator style which was designed and popularised by the renowned brand Ray-Ban. The pair worn by Kendall Roy are from the famed designer brand Jacques Marie Mage the model Brion

Jacque Marie Mage (also referred to simply as JMM) is an LA Based brand that has seen a huge surge in popularity thanks to its historically accurate designs, limited edition eyewear, and the fact every pair is handcrafted by artisans in Japan (the eyewear capital of the world). It makes sense in character that JMM would be a brand a rich man like Kendall would wear and you can often find this brand adorning the faces of big-name celebrities such as Bob Odenkirk, Zendaya, and Justin Beiber. As JMM only produces models in limited quantities the Brion is no longer available to purchase. That being said, the Jacque Marie Mage Brion can still be found on secondhand sites for prices ranging from $700.00+.

Jacque Marie Mage x K.L.R

Keeping on the brand of JMM, Kendall Roy has also worn another pair of sunglasses from the brand. In fact, these sunglasses were specifically commissioned by the show to reflect the obscene wealth and personal style of the character. Simply named the JMM x K.L.R (with K.L.R being the initials of the character Kendall Logan Roy). They feature a stark difference from the previous pair with thick acetate frames, with panto-shaped frames. Sticking to this clear style, these shades also feature stark orange lenses. Due to the popularity of the show these K.L.R Sunglasses were sold out nearly instantaneously and due to being limited edition are unlikely to be restocked anytime soon (if at all). Actor Jeremy Strong swears by these glasses as his real-life sunglasses as well as seen in his interview with GQ which can be watched here.

Oliver Peoples Sun Sunglasses: In a brown colorway

Finally, onto the final pair of sunglasses, we are going to discuss today, and a pair that might not actually break the bank (image featured above). These sunglasses are most commonly seen by Roy throughout the series and are an all-black pair of Wayfarer-inspired sunglasses. Wayfarers’ are one of the most popular styles of sunglasses in the world and were first designed and manufactured by brand Ray-Ban. It was in the 1980s that this style really rose to fame and has been worn by many celebrities across many classic films including the likes of Risky Business (1983) and The Blues Brothers (1980). These shades as seen in Succession are from the brand Oliver Peoples are have been identified as the Sun model (OV5393SU). The exact pair with silver trims/accents on the arms are hard to come by and are only currently sold on secondhand websites. That being said, Oliver People still stocks a variation of the sun (which can be found here) for a price tag of around $400.00