Noel Gallagher Sunglasses

Glasses worn by Oasis Star & Musician Noel Gallagher

Regarded as one of the best songwriters of the past 30 years Noel Gallagher is a name most British people have heard of. As the lead guitarist, and main songwriter for the biggest band of the 90s, Oasis, his music defined the brit-pop era and continues to this day to headline arenas with his band ‘Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds‘.

Over his long career, Noel has worn a variety of different sunglasses and eyewear. Today, we’re going to explore some of Noel’s current top picks looking at his recent choices within the late 5 or so years. Let’s jump straight in.

So here’s Wonderwall (1994): The most streamed song of the 90s.

These sunglasses are plastered all over Noel’s promotional material (2023). By far this favorite pair.


Chiltern Crystals

The Chitern Crystal Sunglasses Sunglasses from London-based opticians FINLAY are by far Noel’s most popular sunglasses. Whether it be a photoshoot, promotional material, or even on the cover of this latest album ‘Back the way we came’ (2022). Unfortunately, FINLAY themselves confirmed in a Tweet in 2019 that they no longer produce the Chitern Crystal Sunglasses which seem to have been discontinued.

Noel in LA by Lawrence Watson wearing Oliver Peoples (2010)

3. Oliver Peoples

Victory (OV1001)

Oliver Peoples is a popular brand owned by Luxottica. Just after Oasis broke up in 2009 Noel was photographed wearing this pair of Oliver Peoples Victory (LA), not to be confused with the Clifton which are of similar style. The distinctive red (or maybe amber) lenses and silver frames are fantastic with a full-rim design. They were also made famous by Brad Pitt who also wore them. They can’t be found on Oliver Peoples’s official website by are still found through resellers for approximately $300.00

Image curiosity of Mr. Porter (2022)

3. Saint Laurent


Similar to the above victory sunglasses, the Saint Laurent D-Frames were worn by Noel during a photoshoot for the website Mr. Porter in an article discussing the musician’s life and experiences. Saint Laurent themselves is quite a generic designer brand so I can’t speak for the quality of these frames. That being said, they are still available to purchase and at a more affordable price tag than other sunglasses on this list (around $200.00).