Steve Harrington Sunglasses

Identifying the Sunglasses worn by Steve Harrington in the Netflix series Stranger Things

Steve Harrington, portrayed by Joe Keery, is one of the main characters in the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. Although not frequently worn by Keery’s character, in Season 2 Episode 6 (which premiered in 2017) Harrington can be seen rocking a pair of all-black sunglasses. The episode focuses on Harrington as he toys with the idea of protecting the reputation or teaming up with the kids the fight the Demodogs. It’s at this point where we see Harrington turn into a more heroic character with his so-called transformation being characterized by a cool pair of sunglasses. But what brand of sunglasses are these, and are they available to purchase? In this article, we’ll discuss the sunglasses in question and see if we can get to the bottom of identifying Steve Harrington’s sunglasses.

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Steve Harrington Sunglasses: Identifying the Brand

In most cases, it can be quite difficult to identify a pair of sunglasses, but in Harrington’s case, it’s actually quite easy. That’s because Harington is wearing a pair of Wayfarer Sunglasses one of the most popular styles of sunglasses in the world. This style was first developed by the brand Ray-Bans and they gained huge popularity back in the 1980s (and have retained that popularity since) and have been seen in a whole host of media, film, and TV including and not limited to Risky Business (1989) where they were worn by Tom Cruise and The Blues Brothers (1980). It would make sense that Steve liked Wayfarer Sunglasses as their popularity was most likely at their peak in the 1980s when the series is set. 

But with the popularity of Ray-Ban’s so high its become a breeding ground for hundreds of different manufacturers creating their own style replicating the famous Wayfarer Style. If you’re looking for the original your best bet is to stick with Ray-Ban’s, but due to the sheer number of brands who produce the style, it’s near impossible to say if these are Ray-Bans or one of the many knock-offs on the market. There are a few reasons (when looking at Harrington wearing the glasses) that would steer me to think they aren’t actually authentic Ray-Bans. The main reason being they don’t have the classic Ray-Ban branding logo printed on the sunglasses lenses. 

Steve Harrington as a playable character in the video game Dead by Daylight

Steve Harrington Sunglasses: Alternatives & Recommendations 

As mentioned previously there’s no limit to the number of different brands that produce sunglasses in the same style as Steve Harrington or, as their known, Wayfarer Sunglasses. Below are just some general recommendations for some wayfarer-inspired sunglasses you can buy at affordable prices.

LINVO Polarized Sunglasses: These are fantastic value for the money. Not only are they in the exact same style as Harrington’s but also come with Polarized lenses and a whole host of different color options to choose from. Prices start at a crazy low price of $10.99.

Ray-Ban (RB2132) Wayfarer Sunglasses: These are the previously mentioned official Wayfarer sunglasses from the brand that started it all. These are not cheap coming in at $200, but are as authentic as you can get when it comes to Steve’s style of sunglasses.