Men in Black Sunglasses

A Look Back at The Men in Black Sunglasses Worn by Will Smith (and other agents)

The science fiction action comedy series Men in Black (often abbreviated to MIB) centers on a covert agency that oversees and controls extraterrestrial life on Earth. The show centers on the exploits of Agent J (Will Smith), a newcomer to the organization, and Agent K, his seasoned companion (played by Tommy Lee Jones). Together, they guard the planet against a variety of extraterrestrial threats while also concealing aliens’ existence from the world. 

One of the fantastic aspects of the Men in Black films, as the name suggests, is the Agent’s distinctive attire. Featuring a full black suit, black shoes, and a white dress shirt the high-tech cloth used to make the suit is resistant to tearing and stains, and it is designed to fit each agent’s unique body type. The final and debatably most important aspect of the MIB uniform is the distinctive and flashy all-black sunglasses worn by all Agents (and rocked by Will Smith).

But what brand of sunglasses are actually used within the Men in Black franchise? Are they still on the market and, most importantly, are they still available to purchase today? This article is going to take a deep dive into the Men in Black Sunglasses, how to get your hands on them, and alternatives available on the market if not. Check out the clip below to see these sunglasses in action and to relive some of the fantastic moments of the MIB film.

What brand are Men in Black Sunglasses?

Due to the popularity of the MIB Franchise, it really wasn’t that difficult to find out which pair of glasses are worn by the famous Agents. The sunglasses worn are Ray-Ban Predator 2 Sunglasses. They are designed in a classic, rectangular frame with a sleek and modern design. A bold statement piece they are designed to dominate the face, especially in darker colors such as black. The film’s sequels, Men in Black 2 and 3, both feature the same sunglasses worn by all Agents. 

Although not included on the Glasses featured in the film, if you were to buy the Predator 2 Sunglasses today they would feature the iconic Ray-Ban logo on the temples. People debate as to the quality of Ray Bans, especially for the price, but they do offer such advancements as polarized lenses and 100% UV protection and reducing glare for enhanced visual clarity. 

Now onto the most important question. Are these glasses still available to buy? The simple answer is yes! Not only are they still offered by Ray Bans at a reasonable price tag of $151.00, but due to the popularity of the style, you can also find similar style sunglasses across a variety of different eyewear companies at differing price points. Below is just a few alternative recommendations if you can’t afford the original Ray Ban Predators.

About Ray-Ban Predator 2 Sunglasses

As a more contemporary and sleeker version of the original Predator sunglasses, Ray-Ban originally unveiled the Predator 2 in the late 1990s. They soon gained popularity among both men and women because of their sleek, simple style and rectangular shape. Since then, the Ray-Ban Predator 2 sunglasses have established themselves as a timeless and classic style that is renowned for their strength, comfort, and classic styling. They are a well-liked option for casual attire and busy lifestyles and are commonly regarded as a mark of flair and excellence.

Other movies and celebrities outside of MIB that also wear Predator 2 Sunglasses include the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger who famously wore them in the Terminator film series.

About the Ray-Ban’s Brand

In 1937, the American company Bausch & Lomb launched the Ray-Ban eyewear line. is well-known for its distinctive and stylish sunglasses, which have been worn by many notable artists, actors, and celebrities throughout the years, including Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Bob Dylan, among many more. The Patented Aviator design helped them gain prominence and become one of the most well-known and successful designer eyewear businesses in the world after they struggled in the 1950s and 1960s.

Since then, Ray-Ban has stayed on top of new technical developments with cutting-edge designs. The company’s products are famous for their exceptional quality and longevity and are currently available in more than a hundred countries. Ray-Ban was acquired by Italian eyewear company Luxottica in 1999.

I’ve already stated that I dislike Luxottica as a company (read more on this here), and that is the main theme of this website. I try to educate people about the drawbacks of buying eyeglasses from the Luxottica group whenever I can.

Where can you buy Men in Black Sunglasses?

As one of the most reputable and popular eyewear companies in the world, Ray-Bans can be found almost anywhere, in-store, or across the web. They can be purchased online through the Ray-Ban Official website, or through official authorized retailers. If you want to try these glasses on before you buy then I recommend going to the Ray-Ban ‘Store Locator’ Page which can be found here

For more information on Ray-Bans and the Predator 2 Sunglasses check out the Ray-Ban Official website by clicking the link provided below.