Pedro Pascal Glasses

Identifying the Brands of Eyewear Worn by Actor & Last of Us Star Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal, the talented actor celebrated for his captivating performances on-screen, has not only made a name for himself in the realm of acting but has also become a recent figure of style inspiration. Pascal’s rarely seen without a pair of eyeglasses on his face and his unique style of frames and brands has led me to wonder – what brand of glasses are these? From unique and quirky sunglasses to large, harsh, and bold black frames, Pascal’s choice of eyewear has helped define his unique style whether it be on the red carpet or in a huge array of different films. In this article, I’m going to go into a deep dive into Pascal’s eyewear style, look into attempting to identify the brands he loves, and discuss how you can get your hands on these frames.

Pascal’s interview on The Tonight Show: Here he wears black Wayrafer-style eyeglasses

Pedro Pascal’s Glasses: Identifying his Favored Brands

Let’s start with some frames that we’re 100% sure we know the brands of. In the 2022 film The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent Pedro Pascal plays the character of Javi Gutierrez, an eccentric billionaire obsessed with the meme-driven legend that is Nicolas Cage (who we’ve also written an article about). In the film, Pascal can be seen wearing two different styles of sunglasses which we’ll discuss in turn. The first is a pair of aviator-inspired sunglasses. Aviators are one of the most popular styles of sunglasses in the world and are timeless in their style and considered one of the few classic frames (that will never go out of style). These sunglasses (as seen in the image below) have been identified to be a pair of Dita Flight 006 Sunglasses. These shades are defined by their thick lenses and crossbar that connects both lenses. These are a popular pair of sunglasses and can be found in a variety of different colors for the hefty price of £550.00

Sorry for the Potato image. Best I could find.

The second pair of sunglasses worn by Pascal in the film are more distinctive and are a unique and uncommon style (see image below). It wouldn’t be unfair for me to say that these sunglasses are not quite in style at the moment and hark back to a time go by. They have an oval lens with a thin rim, being designed more for functionality than style. These sunglasses were quite easy to identify being from the famed brand Ray-Ban. They are of course the Ray-Ban Olympian Sunglasses. To this day Olympian sunglasses are still sold and are available on Ray-Ban’s official website for the modest price tag of £147.00 (which is one of the more affordable pair of sunglasses in this article). 

Wearing Olympian Sunglasses from Ray-Ban

In the 2022 film ‘The Bubble’ Pascal plays the minor role of Dieter Bravo. In one of the scenes, Pascal can be seen wearing a highly attractive pair of sunglasses with thick acetate frames and stark red lenses. Straight away I can tell these sunglasses were most likely from the popular design brand Jacque Marie Mage. Further digging online led me to Reddit where multiple posts corroborated this with various people claiming it was either one of two models from the brand. The first was the Jacques Marie Mage Molino with the other possibility being the Plaza Model. In my opinion, I think the most likely frame is the JMM Plaza as although both frames are similar in style the available colorways of the Plaza and the Bridge are slightly larger and more prominent in this style. Jacque Marie Mage is a highly desired eyewear brand selling a variety of limited-edition eyewear. These frames can be purchased for around the price tag of $700.

Every celebrity has to wear a pair of JMM at some point in their lives.

As a glasses wearer, there’s a pair of black eyeglasses that Pascal has been rocking continuously in the past few years (as seen in the photo below). He’s always one to wear a pair of glasses but these have become quite iconic being a distinctive part of his unique look and style. He wore these during the Oscars ceremony in 2023 and has continued to wear them across many photoshoots and videos. The main reason that these have been so difficult to identify is due to the common style of the glasses. These are a pair of black acetate frames in a combined style somewhere between the classic Wayfarers and cat-eye glasses. The lack of markings on the frames is both a helpful and a hindrance in my attempts to identify the glasses brand and there’s much conflicting evidence online as to the exact brand. Luckily, I’m quite persistent and trawled through a bunch of photos and articles online in my attempts to discover these specs. 

It was on Reddit that I found my best leads with two separate articles both suggesting that the black glasses were from a brand, fittingly named, Black Eyewear (although other colors are available). This brand is relatively unknown and is best regarded for its affordable yet stylish array of eyewear. Although I can’t 100% be sure these are from the brand most information I’ve found has led me to believe that they’re a pair of Bailey Glasses. They have the correct dimensions and fit on the face and have a lack of markings/branding that is common in 90% of other glasses of this style. 

The glasses he wears the most: Bailey Glasses from Black Eyewear